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Roll-R-Racks Moveable heavy duty storage.  Roll-R-Racks offer a more efficient way to make use of warehouse and manufacturing space.

These custom-made racks are designed to offer sturdy support for a variety of products while reducing the square footage needed for storage. Roll-R-Racks™ move together via steel wheels along inlaid or surface floor channels, eliminating wasted space between storage units. As a result, you can increase your warehouse or manufacturing space, eliminating the need to rent additional space or add on to your facility. Each Roll-R-Racks™ is built to your specifications.

They can hold a wide variety of product and storage items including rolls, cases, crates, tubes, cartons, boxes, skids, pallets, piping and more. The units improve efficiency of retrieving products or raw materials. More room at your facility means safer working conditions. Roll-R-Racks™ is the easy answer to your difficult material handling and storage needs.

Roll-R-Racks™ are:

*Customized to your specifications, storage needs and available space.

*Able to be aligned side to side or end to end for maximum efficiency.

*Variety of drive systems available.

*Engineered to handle virtually any load.

*Easily installed, during new construction or in your present location.

*Able to increase useable floor space and expand present storage capacity.

*Suitable for use in warehouses, loading docks, storage rooms and manufacturing areas.

*Custom engineered to hold cases, boxes, crates, skids, cartons, or other specialty items.

*Designed to keep product or raw materials off shop floor to avoid damage due to fluid spills, leaks or traffic.

*A stable storage system regardless of load distribution.

Roll-R-Racks in use in a warehouse.

Roll-R-Racks™ apart for ease of material access.

Superior design means years of reliable and maintenance-free use.

Racks can be powered with electric motors for speedy rack movement.

Roll-R-Racks in use on a manufacturing floor.

Condensed storage solutions.

We also manufacture stationary storage solutions!

Roll-R-Racks™ together to increase useable floor space.

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